Programming at RRTZ is designed to focus on 4 key areas of teen development

  • LEARNING = Acquiring knowledge or skills through an after-school tutoring program, project-based instruction, job and college readiness, and exposure to various professions and industries.
  • WELLNESS = Becoming healthy in body and mind through mentoring, exercises in positive thinking, physical fitness, and developing healthy cooking and eating habits. 
  • SELF-EXPRESSION = Learning techniques to express one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially through art enrichment, writing, music, and dance.
  • CONNECTIONS = Focus on team building, inclusion, community engagement, and leadership development. 


With the opening of the teen center, we plan to offer an array of programs focusing on health and wellness, managing money, leadership skills, career choices, ect. We also take into consideration anything that the teens themselves want more knowledge about. Currently we are planning to do a vision board program with the teens. A vision board is a combination of art/creativity and goal setting. The teens will be able to express themselves through the use of the collage art style, and in doing so their vision board will reflect the short or long time goals they want to accomplish. 

Upcoming Program

We're making Vision Boards!

Come join us at the River Rec Teen Zone, March 11th at 4pm. Ages 12 to 18. Hope to see you there!!

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