Programming at RRTZ is designed to focus on 4 key areas of teen development

  • LEARNING = Acquiring knowledge or skills through an after-school tutoring program, project-based instruction, job and college readiness, and exposure to various professions and industries.
  • WELLNESS = Becoming healthy in body and mind through mentoring, exercises in positive thinking, physical fitness, and developing healthy cooking and eating habits. 
  • SELF-EXPRESSION = Learning techniques to express one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially through art enrichment, writing, music, and dance.
  • CONNECTIONS = Focus on team building, inclusion, community engagement, and leadership development. 


Exploring Careers

This program will offer comprehensive, creative, and accessible training to youth ages 13-19 for pre-employment readiness. This training will be highly individualized; offering career skills and interests assessments, career counseling, a mentorship and internship program, and periodic soft skills training and group projects. 


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

This program will offer creative, accessible programming for youth ages 13-19 for physical and mental wellness. This training will be regularly scheduled throughout the year, and offer group exercise classes, yoga and meditation, nutrition seminars, mental health awareness trainings, and cooking classes. 

  • Yoga & Meditaion Classes
  • Teen Cuisine
  • Mental Health Awareness

My Money

This 4 week session will be held quarterly for all RRTZ youth members. This program aims to educate youth on financial management and responsibility with hands-on activities and instruction from community professionals. Topics for instruction include: budgeting, credit and credit scores, student loans, banking, deductions and taxes, and money management.

Tech Zone

This program offers hands-on and accessible programming for youth ages 13-19 regarding career-ready and creative technical skills. In our dedicated ‘Tech Zone’ space, youth participants will have access to technology such as computers, software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, drones, and video recording technology.