In 2015, Kyle Pond along with teachers from Riverview High School formed a committee in order to create a teen center. Leaders from the community were chosen to make this dream a reality.  Gary Kohs, a true visionary, became part of River Rec Teen Zone's adult advisory board and co-founder.

Teens from the community gravitated to Gary and visited him at the Mariner Theater often to talk about issues they were having or to just hang out. Gary was always there to listen and lend a hand when needed.  Gary not only listened but really heard them. These teens would say that the Mariner was a safe place to be but the safe place was being with Gary.  

Gary believed in Kyle's vision and saw the need for a safe place for youth. He believed that these kids could grow and  find their true potential through mentoring. His goal was to help make River Rec Teen Zone a reality.  

Unfortunately on December 15, 2017 Gary left this earth without seeing River Rec Teen Zone become a reality.  We at RRTZ will continue in his foot steps with the same passion and vision that he had. 

In January we will begin renovating the space located at 300 Broadway to create this teen driven safe space. We are working on a way to honor this visionary, which we will keep you informed. 

Gary leaves behind his legacy of passion and generosity and an over-abundance of friends around the globe. His memory is etched in our hearts and our souls...he will be missed and never forgotten.